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Ireland in the Spring

Even a non-beer drinker has to visit Guinness

I finally had the chance to visit the island of my ancestry - Ireland. What's not to love?

The patchwork quilt of the hillsides along with the sheep crossing the road to delight all of us on the bus, Ireland is as magical as you've always imagined.

I arrived into Dublin early morning after a non-stop flight from Chicago on Aer Lingus. Its wonderful to travel on the airline of Ireland as the prevalence of the lyrical Irish brogue immediately puts you into the Irish spirit!

First stop was the charming city of Kilkenny. Kilkenny Castle was home to the Butler family for over 600 years! My imagination quickly envisioned maidens and knights throughout this grand castle. Where else could you go to visit such a site?

On to Killarney - don't miss a visit to this enchanting area of County Cork. On your way, be sure to stop at Blarney Castle and kiss the infamous Blarney Stone to earn the gift of eloquence. No wonder the Irish are such good story-tellers. Right at the grounds of the Blarney Castle is the best shopping in all of Ireland. Be careful may need another suitcase on your trip home!

Traversing the Ring of Kerry is not to be missed. In a word, it is simply breathtaking. Beautiful spring flowers dot the roadside and the sheep take over whatever road they want! If you stop for a photo opportunity or a quick lunch at a roadside diner (much better than any drive-through) you will be met with the warmest smiles I've ever encountered in all my travels.

A trip to Ireland just isn't complete without a stop in Dublin, specifically at the Guinness Storehouse. In Ireland, Guinness is a religion all its own. Much of what Ireland holds dear, may actually have started because of Guinness. The history of this famous brand makes it an integral part of the history of the city.

Regardless of your reason to visit Ireland, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Please call so I can help you plan YOUR best trip to Ireland. You will love it!

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